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2020 Senior Compound National Team and 2021 Selection

May 29, 2020
2020 Senior Compound National Team and 2021 Selection

Presented to and approved by a SAP on May 6th 2020

Archery Canada has been continuously monitoring the ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic, and its impact on the sport of Archery and various teams, including the 2020 Senior Target Compound Team and 2021 Team Selection.  It has been clear that the proposed selection criteria for the 2021 Senior Compound Team would be impacted by decisions regarding event and tournament cancellations, which are outlined below:

  • On April 9th 2020, Archery Canada announced that it will not be recognizing tournament registrations until July 31st 2020; a decision which remains in effect. 
  • On April 30th 2020, World Archery announced that their Executive Board had extended the hiatus on all International competition until August 31st 2020, with no international events confirmed for the rest of 2020. A draft calendar was released for the remaining months in 2020, in hopes that restrictions will be lifted and safe for archers to return to competition.  

On May 6th, the Non-Olympic Program Coordinator presented to a selection approval panel the initial proposed selection criteria, and the response to the ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic, with scores not being recognized at this time. The proposed selection criteria can be seen here:

2020 Senior Compound Team and 2021 Compound Team Selection: 

With various Provincial legislation on club closures, and the non-recognition of tournaments in the Archery Canada Calendar,  these factors had to be taken into consideration. It was determined that the  implementation of the current selection policy does not provide a fair or equitable opportunity across Canada for athletes wishing to secure a spot on the Team. As adjustments would be necessary to this policy as the situation with COVID and the return to sport and competition unfolds, the following was presented  and approved by a Selection Approval Panel: 

  • The 2020 Senior Compound Team will automatically be named to the 2021  Senior Compound Team
  • For 2021 an additional 2 male and 2 female athletes were to be selected to the team, to make a total of 8 archers for men and womens teams. 
  • The 4 additional archers will be determined on the same ranking list as the 2020 Compound Target Team, and will meet the selection criteria, pertaining to scores, as outlined. 
  • The 4 additional archers will commit to continuing their training, alongside the 2020 Compound team, and prepare for the 2021 season. 
  • The 2021 team will be eligible to attend World Archery World Cup Events, World Ranking Events and other World Archery invitationals. A separate trials process for the 2021 World Championships team will be developed and distributed when more information is known

World Archery Championships Selection Trials

A selection trial will be held to determine the team to be selected at the 2021 World Archery Championships, to be held in late summer 2021. Those archers named to the 2021 Compound Senior Team will automatically receive an invitation to the trials. Other archers can be invited to the trials, and this will be based on qualifying scores. Those scores, and details about the trials will be distributed shortly.  

Please note, as the situation with COVID-19 is ongoing, and unpredictable, further changes may be necessary and will be announced as soon as possible.