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Bullseyes Across Canada raises over $4000

March 11, 2022
Bullseyes Across Canada raises over $4000

OTTAWA, ON – Bullseyes Across Canada, Archery Canada (AC)’s first national fundraiser, came to a close at the end of February. The two participating teams raised $4226.00 for Archery Canada’s non-Olympic programming and in support of the initiatives of the clubs and provincial/territorial associations. The funds are divided between the clubs (35%), provincial organizations (35%) and Archery Canada itself (30%).

XQuest Archery was the first club to join, raising over $2800. Following them was the AC National Team, who raised money in support of Peel Archery Club, where much of their training takes place. There were valiant efforts from all participants to shoot the highest number of bullseyes. The participants asked for donations from friends and family, encouraging their peers to join them in the fundraiser. Prizes will be awarded to the archer & club who raised the most money and for the archer who shoots the most bullseyes.

The winners of the prizes are as follows:

  • Club who raised the most money: XQuest Archery
  • Archer who raised the most money: Sherise Charles, XQuest Archery
  • Archer who shot the most bullseyes: Devaang Gupta, AC National Team

The fundraiser used SimplyK, which is a platform allowing not-for-profit organizations to collect donations without being charged transactional fees.