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Archery Canada announces DataCore Fund Services as new national team sponsor

September 23, 2019
Archery Canada announces DataCore Fund Services as new national team sponsor

OTTAWA (Archery Canada) – Archery Canada is pleased to announce DataCore Fund Services as a new sponsor of its national teams.

Together with other national team sponsors, the two-year agreement will see improved support provided to Canada’s top archers in all disciplines of target, 3D and field archery. In particular, the partnership will remove the burden of certain costs that have in the past been borne by Canadian athletes when representing their country at international competitions.

Further details on how the new support will impact national teams will be announced later this year.

“In the past, Canada has seen strong performances internationally, but often we are limited in how much we can support our archers,” says Al Wills, President of Archery Canada. “With a company like DataCore Fund Services stepping up to sponsor our teams, it will relieve some of the financial pressure on these athletes, which will be quite welcome. I would like to congratulate and thank them for their support of Archery Canada and our athletes. This is a most welcome addition to our growth in the area of team support.”

Established in 1998 and based in Toronto, DataCore Fund Services is an indepen­dent provider of a compre­hensive suite of administrative services to a broad spectrum of investment fund structures and strategies offered by es­tablished fund companies as well as start-ups.

Using state of the art tech­nology, DataCore provides fund valua­tion, fund accounting, transfer agency, recordkeeping, tax re­porting, annual report prepa­ration and CRM2 compliant client reporting in a CSAE 3416 compliant environment.

DataCore also provides a range of specialized services, including transition management, audit facilitation, integrated market­ing communications and con­tent management.

“The decision by DataCore Fund Services to lend its support to Archery Canada is one that is based on a shared commitment to the principles of both individual and community development,” says Adriana Arévalo, Chief Operating Officer of DataCore Fund Services Inc. “We believe that our two organizations can mutually honour what is important in the development of individuals striving for excellence in personal and team achievement in sport. We are extremely proud to align ourselves with this outstanding organization. It is a great testament to the leadership of Archery Canada, its coaches and administrators who have guided and led athletes to success on the world stage.

“Archery Canada’s development of world-class archers embodies the commitment, the passion and the dedication that also inspires DataCore as a company. The key traits of precision, focus and integrity are the same traits that DataCore values, and Archery Canada as an organization truly ticks all the boxes of Datacore’s criteria for corporate support. Most importantly, DataCore Fund Services is proud of the archers who inspire youth across our nation, who show that hard work and dedication will lead one to great opportunities and proud achievements. We look forward to a fruitful partnership together in the coming years.”