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Alexandra Paquette Ties World Record 720

July 28, 2017
Alexandra Paquette Ties World Record 720

A quick interview with Alexandre:

You shot two perfect ends to tie the record, did you know you were close?

A: Oh ya I did! I was just trying to settle my nerves down to make good shots! I had a song playing in my head(Live it Up by AirBourne) to just concentrate on my shot and not let my nerves get the best of me.

We don’t have any database information for you, will you be shooting internationally any time soon?

A: I will hopefully be participating at the World Youth championships in Rosario Argentina. I have been selected to the team and only waiting on some funding and information from Archery Canada .

I was planning on shooting the Lancaster Classic again this year. It was a fun tournament and really enjoyed the experience.

I'm also in the selection for the 2018 World Indoor Championships in Yankton. I've posted some really good scores indoor last season.

I've really just started to get comfortable with my release execution. I still have some form issues to work out but that's why we train right! I have a great training partner(Patrick Pregent) who pushes me.

I've trained hard all winter and spring to attain the World Archery Purple 700 Award. It's been a goal of mine starting last season. It's hard to attract attention in a small archery market like Canada. I feel that if the world can see what I'm capable of maybe sponsor's  will take notice as well. 

No female in Canada has broken 700 or attained the World Archery Purple Target Award and I wanted to be the first. If I work hard enough and earn it this summer I may also be the world's first at 16!