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Archery Canada Announces Bullseyes Across Canada

August 09, 2021
Archery Canada Announces Bullseyes Across Canada

OTTAWA, ON – Archery Canada is excited to announce our first ever national fundraiser, Bullseyes Across Canada. In a cross-country contest, archers are challenged to shoot the most bullseyes that they can within a one-hour session. Archery Canada strives to raise funds in order to strengthen our non-Olympic programming while supporting the clubs and the provincial territorial associations.

Participants are encouraged to start fundraising immediately, but the shooting sessions will all take place between September 18th and October 16th, 2021. Be sure to reach out to your club to see if they’re registering a team or sign up as an individual.

Using Simplyk, a platform that allows charities to raise funds without charging them transactional fees, participants will raise donations by asking friends, family, and neighbours to donate to the cause. The funds will be divided between the clubs (35%), the provinces (35%), and Archery Canada itself (30%). As mentioned above, Archery Canada will direct its raised funds towards non-Olympic programming, while clubs and provinces will be able to use the money in the areas they deem most important for their needs and programming.

Archers will participate either as an individual shooting at an affiliated club or at a club that has formed a team. Participants of any age or classification can participate and will shoot a distance appropriate to their bow type, age, and category.

Each team/club will be required to have one person (over 18 years old) register as the Bullseye Coordinator. This coordinator will be responsible for submitting the Bullseyes shot by each club. The clubs must submit a form indicating when and where the shooting sessions will take place.

Visit our website for more information:

For any questions, please contact Zoe Meil.