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Archery Canada teams up with BOWdometer for Archery Day in Canada

September 12, 2020
Archery Canada teams up with BOWdometer for Archery Day in Canada

September 11th, 2020

OTTAWA- Archery Canada is pleased to announce BOWdometer as the sponsor for this year’s Archery Day in Canada campaign.

BOWdometer is a Canadian company (Toxon Technologies Inc) that has developed an archery practice companion that helps archers build confidence as they shoot. 

 Archery Day in Canada is celebrated every year on the second Saturday of September and aims to unite all archers to celebrate the sport across Canada. The aim of Archery Day in Canada is to not only bring together the Canadian archery community, but also to introduce our sport to new athletes. This year on Archery Day in Canada we will be celebrating the archer’s journey through the sport from childhood to adulthood, recreational to competitive.

BOWdometer straps onto the archers bow and tracks their shots providing you a consistency number for every shot, called “Xi”. It is a data collector with corresponding mobile apps which has been trialed by members of the national team showing some interesting potential. The BOWdometer is a precise, cost-effective, innovative, and easy to use technology that will help facilitate archer growth and improvement.

Through this partnership, Archery Canada will have access to custom wrapped BOWdometers that will be distributed in giveaways and contests. 

“We are thrilled to be working with Archery Canada to help make archery-specific technology more accessible to archery enthusiasts across Canada,” said Marianne Bell, co-founder of Toxon Technologies. “Archery Day in Canada is a great opportunity to help archers along in their archery journey, no matter their skill level.” 

Archery Canada is extremely excited to be working with BOWdometer to improve the experience of archers across Canada this fall and are looking forward to running fun activities and contests in conjunction with BOWdometer.