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Recurve Target Archery General Information

The aim of our High Performance Recurve Target Archery Program is to identify and support the development of our top athletes by ensuring the resources and support personnel are in place to support them towards achieving excellence performance at the Olympic Games and Senior World Championships. The development of athletes’ physical, mental and technical performance attributes are key themes within our programmes, achieved through a hybrid-centralized program, to promote a High Performance and team based environment to help lead to consistent podium performances on the World Stage.

  • National Team Advisor: Ron van der Hoff
  • Junior National Coach: Soha Mahmoud
High Performance Recurve Target Archery Selection Processes

Archery Canada identifies teams and individual athletes who will represent Canada at international events. To find out the processes by which athletes are eligible and nominated for different competitions and activities visit our Selection Process page for Recurve Target Archery.

Selection Process Page for Recurve

Recurve Levy Policy

Archers participating in national programs, at various levels, will be assessed an annual levy for programming and services provided from Archery Canada. This levy is intended to help offset some of the programming costs including, but not limited to the following:

  • Travel costs for identified events
  • Technical leadership and support staff for camps and competition
  • World Archery licenses
  • Coach salaries
  • Archery Centre of Excellence – Cambridge facility operations, maintenance and equipment (e.g. targets, buttresses, etc.)
  • Sport science services
  • Coach development
  • Administrative fees
  • Technology support
  • Other items as appropriate

The levy for the carded athletes, National Squad athletes, or Next Gen Athletes varies by program and is outlined in the Athlete Agreement.

Introduction: AC’s Podium Result Track (PRT)

The PRT is a common tool in Canadian High Performance sports. For Archery, the PRT is equivalent to a 720 score and normalizes for age and distance. It compares any archer’s ability with an average of Olympic and World Championship 720 scores, which have generated medals over the past two decades. In general, the PRT enables AC to identify and compare performance potential irrelevant of age or distance shot. More information on the structure and application of the PRT can be seen at these links:

Introduction: Gold Medal Profile (GMP)

The GMP is also a common framework used in the Canadian sport system. The GMP attempts to define the dimensions and underlying criteria, which are critical for success in the sport of archery. Through a combination of quantitative and qualitative evaluations, individual athletes are measured against the GMP to identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats for optimizing their performance potential. All athletes in the AP are familiar with the GMP. Throughout 2019, AC will provide more information on the structure and application of the GMP.

Recurve Ranking List

The Archery Canada (AC) Ranking List is an annual list that ranks Canadian archers that compete in Archery Canada and World Archery registered recurve target archery events.

To read more about the Ranking List, click HERE.

Fitness & Physiology Testing Protocol

The following schedule provides a description of the fitness requirements, and the protocol by which they are tested.

Bell Connect Program

Bell Canada, through partnership with the Canadian Olympic and Paralympic Committee’s, wants to help athletes focus on their training and performance by keeping them connected when they are travelling. For more information on the Bell Program, please visit their website HERE.

Bell Canada changed their eligibility criteria for the Bell Connect program in 2019.  Under the new parameters for this program, eligible sports and disciplines are defined as follows:

  • Must be part of the sport program for any of the following events:
    • Olympic Summer/Winter Games
    • Paralympic Summer/Winter Games
    • Pan Am Games
    • Para Pan Am Games
  • Archery Canada specific eligible categories are:
    • For Recurve Archers:
      • Sport Canada Carded athletes
      • Senior Gold and Red Squad in 2019
    • For Para Archers:
      • Sport Canada Carded athletes
      • Senior Gold and Red Squad in 2019
    • For Compound Archers:
      • Senior Gold or Red Squad in 2019 and named to the 2020 Senior National Team

Eligible athletes can APPLY ONLINE

Eligible Athletes will be provided with a plan that includes:

  • Phone
    • First year in the program, a Samsung S8 phone
  • Voice
    • Unlimited Nationwide minutes
    • Unlimited Nationwide texting
    • 3 GB Data
    • 1000 US Roaming minutes (Including long distance to Canada/U.S.)
    • US Long distance rate ($0.50/min)
  • Data
    • 3GB of non-sharable Canada-Wide data
    • 1 GB of non-sharable US Roaming data
    • Additional data rate:  $15/GB Canadian data (Data service pass for additional US data roaming)
  • Text
    • Unlimited nationwide text, pic and video messaging
    • 1000 non-shareable outgoing US roaming text messages
    • Unlimited non-shareable incoming US roaming text messages

The plan also includes: Call Display, Message Centre, Conference Calling and Call Waiting

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