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2021 Regional Indoor Championships Postponed

February 12, 2021
2021 Regional Indoor Championships Postponed

With the ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic, and various lockdown measures in place throughout the country, the Archery Canada Events Committee is postponing and implementing changes for the 2021 Regional Indoor Championships.

With indoor capacity limits a common factor across Canada, clubs looking to host a Regional Indoor Championship site will have the flexibility to host across multiple weekends, to allow for more opportunities to schedule archers into the range, while maintaining capacity limits. Eligible weekends will be:

  • April 3rd or 4th
  • April 10th or 11th
  • April 17th or 18th
  • April 24-25th
  • May 1st-2nd
  • May 8-9th

There will be no Archery Canada club tournament registration fee applied, unless the club is requesting registration for World Records with World Archery. 

The host site registration fees for archers payable to Archery Canada will still be in effect and are as follows:

  • Youth Archers: $4.00 per archer
  • Senior Archers: $7.00 per archer
  • Teams: $13.00

Note: The above registration fees are normally included with the registration fee at the club, therefore the total registration fee may vary by host site. 

With the exception of the rule pertaining to the timing of the Championships (Book 2, APP, the Regional Indoor Championships rules (Book 2, Appendix 3.4) remain in effect, meaning archers can only shoot once and submit one score. Archers cannot register for multiple weekends.

Further information related to the registration of sites and scoring entry procedures will be made available in the next week. 

Any questions related to this event, please contact Kylah Cawley at

For full details on the event, please CLICK HERE