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3D Archery Selection Processes

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The 3D Committee in conjunction with the High Performance Committee establishes selection criteria governing the composition and selection of teams that will represent Canada in international competition for 3D Archery.

Archery Canada is committed to selecting those athletes to represent Canada, who are best qualified to support the strategic goals and objectives of Archery Canada’s high performance program. The goals and objectives of Archery Canada may change depending on the event for which selection takes place. Such Goals and Objectives are described in the Addendum related to a particular event and its selection of athletes to that event.

Selection Processes

Archery Canada selects athletes to represent Canada at the 3D World Archery Championships which take place every two years.

2021: 3D Canadian Team Selection Policy for World Championships


Archery Canada allocates funding in support of the World Championships team:

Guidelines for Non-Olympic & Non-Paralympic Funding– approved 2018

Athlete(s) - Notice of Intent for Teams

Athlete’s who wish to put their name in contention for the 2021 3D National Team to compete at the 2021 3D World Championships, should complete the application below:

Application Form