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An update on the COVID-19 situation and impact on archery in Canada

April 02, 2020
An update on the COVID-19 situation and impact on archery in Canada

All summer national archery events likely to be cancelled. Decisions to be taken on April 7th with further information pending concerning summer activities.

The COVID-19 pandemic has shaken our daily lives and brought stress and anxiety to all. It is a time of complete uncertainty. In sport, many are wondering when they can get back to the activities they love and enjoy. We hope that all Canadian archers and archery clubs have taken steps to stay safe and support the measures that are being taken by our governments and public health agencies in all of our communities.

IMPORTANT: All clubs owners and directors should be aware that they must act in compliance with local/Provincial public health orders and physical distancing guidelines and requirements. In many locations club activities should be suspended until further notice. Club owners / Directors should know that insurance policies may not be in effect for regular club operations if they contravene public health orders. Refer to the following document to get information that may pertain to your club: Know what is happening in your Province/Territory

The impact on our sport along with all other sport in Canada is going to be felt for some time. Our domestic events are going to be impacted. We are consulting with many of our sport partners including the COC, Own the Podium and the Chief Medical Officer of the Canadian Sport Institute of Ontario to help guide our decisions as well as following the advice of provincial and federal health authorities. We will be discussing the season and months ahead with the representatives of our Provincial / Territorial Members on April 7th which will be followed by a meeting of the AC Board of Directors. In the meantime, we ask you to continue to take preventative measures as outlined by Health Officials. We look forward to returning to business as usual, but only when it is possible to do so safely and as advised by public health recommendations.

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